Billing Information


The Surgeon

Prior to your surgery, your surgeon should discuss with you the process for billing his/her fee for surgery.  This is not part of the facility fee and will be billed to you or your insurance company by your surgeon.


The Anesthesiologist

The Anesthesiologist will bill your insurance company for their services. 


The Surgical Center Bill

As soon as you are scheduled for surgery we will contact your insurance carrier for verification of your insurance. After identifying the extent of your coverage we can determine your financial responsibility and coinsurance payment/deductible, if any. You will be notified of these financial responsibilities before your surgery.  For your convenience, we accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, personal checks, cash and Care Credit. Payment arrangements need to be made prior to your surgery. Failure to resolve payment issues before the date of surgery could possibly result in the postponement of your surgery.


A single facility fee covering most, but not all of the expenses related to the Surgery Center will be incurred. Occasionally you may be billed for extra services. An example of these extra services may be an implant that is placed by your surgeon or an unusual medication.  You will be made aware of these issues before surgery.


As a service to you we will bill your insurance company first. However, you will be liable for those costs which your insurance company does not cover. Do not hesitate to contact our billing staff at 702-914-2028 Option 5 with questions and concerns.



Please let us know if there are specific labs that you prefer that your lab specimens go to for testing, otherwise we will use the most appropriate lab for any required pathology specimens. Please send requests to us.


Other Bills

There may be other bills that a patient incurs during surgery. These are ancillary services that may be utilized during your surgery. Examples of this are pathology fees, certain radiology fees and any special devices your surgeon may order for you to take home.